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Happy Kids 2



Course contents

At Enspire, the English program for early childhood learners is designed with the primary goal of inspiring and stimulating a passion for learning English in children. By taking part in the course, students will be exposed to and practice second language through natural communication activities such as drama, storytelling, song performance in English on familiar topics. In the Happy Kids 2 course, students will be provided with a broader range of English vocabulary and phrases. Students’ listening, speaking, and presentation skills are also consolidated and developed through creative, innovative projects designed in each unit. At the end of this course, students will not only be enriched with basic knowledge and skills in the English language but will also be able to exchange, practice and develop soft skills with their teachers and friends such as effective cooperation, self-study skills, self-assessment, test …


Happy Kids 2 course is designed for students from 4,5 to 6 year old


Students who complete the Happy Kids 2 course will be able to achieve the Pre-Starters level of Cambridge, UK.


Happy Kids 2 course at Enspire English Center is taught by 100% foreign teachers such as American, Australian, Britisher … who are trained, experienced and dedicated with the support of Vietnamese teacher assistant.

Study Duration

The duration of Happy Kids 2 is 9 months with a total of 108 hours of actual study in classes. The course covers 47 lessons of Show and Tell 2 course book and 7 project lessons.