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Happy Kids 1



Course Contents:

The program is designed with the primary goal of inspiring and nurturing a love for the English language in young English language learners. By understanding the characteristics of students at this age, Enspire focuses on exploring and developing speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in children through lively, fun and practical activities. Through this course, students are trained their communication skills and can confidently talk to their teachers in English about familiar topics in everyday life. They will be able to experience an effective learning environment through drama, storytelling or word-learning through exciting English songs.


Happy Kids 1 course is designed for students from 3,5 to 4,5 year old


Students who complete the Happy Kids 1 course will be able to achieve the Pre-Starters level of Cambridge, UK.


Happy Kids 1 course at Enspire English Center is taught by 100% foreign teachers such as American, Australian, Britisher … who are trained, experienced and dedicated with the support of Vietnamese teacher assistant.

Study Duration

The duration of Happy Kids 1 is 9 months with a total of 108 hours of actual study in classes. The course covers 47 lessons of Show and Tell 1 course book and 7 project lessons.