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Smart Kids 1


Smart Kids 1

Course Contents

The Enspire English program aims to helps students, especially primary students, improve their basic language skills such as: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and provide students with popular and diverse vocabulary, structure patterns in English communication . Through oral communication situations in classrooms with teachers and friends, students will practice in coherent, logical and reflective thinking skills that correspond to each specific situation of real life. At the end of the course, students will be able to read short texts, listen and understand short conversations, take part in simple conversations, write vacabulary and short sentences in English to introduce themself, pronounces accurately some single vowels in English, and acquire some basic skills to do Starters Reading and Listening test of Cambridge.


Smart Kids 1 course is designed for students from 6 to 8 year old


Students who complete the Smart Kids 1 course will be able to achieve the Pre-Starters level of Cambridge, UK.


Smart Kids 1 course at Enspire English Center is taught by 100% foreign teachers such as American, Australian, Britisher … who are trained, experienced and dedicated with the support of Vietnamese teacher assistant.

Study Duration

The duration of Smart Kids 1 is 9 months with a total of 108 hours of actual study in classes. The course covers 47 lessons of StarLight 1 course book and 7 project lessons. Moreover, Enspire Academy also provide students with free Grammar course (8 lessons) called Grammar Master for students at the end of each month to help students consolidate and improve their English grammar basics (Total class hour:120 hours).